Child Theology

Lecture Notes


1. Introduction: Children and Spirituality/Religion – Child Theology – Child Theology Movement – Holistic Child Development –

2. Understanding children/childhood: The child and the self * Cognitive development of children (Jean Piaget) * Moral development of Children (Kohlberg) * Physical/social development of children (Erik Erikson) * The child and others * Biblical understanding of children/childhood

3. Understanding the Child’s life space: Hurried Childhood * Lost Childhood* Peer Pressure * Absentee Parents * Influence of Media * Hero worship * Disturbed Childhood

4. Joining Children in their spiritual journey: Stages of faith development * Reaching out to children *Evangelism & Spiritual Nurture * Friendship Evangelism * Conversion of children * The child and Jesus (Personal relationship with Jesus) * The child, bible and prayer * The child and the Church

5. Children and their theological concepts: Why teach Children? * Teaching Theological concepts to children * The Process of concept development * How adults can discover Children’s theological concepts? * How misconceptions occur?* Teaching Christian Doctrine for different age levels * Methods to use in teaching doctrine

6. Children, Family and Christian Education: The role of the home in Christian Education * The Church working with the home * The role of Sunday School

7. Teaching Children: Learning that makes a difference: How children learn * Learning styles (Bernice McCarthy)* Creative activities with children * Recreation/Camps

8. Reading the Bible – Doing Theology with children: Principles in Using the bible with Children * Ways to use bible with Children * Memorization * Relating the bible to life

9. Children and Story-truths: The Science of Storytelling * Choosing stories for children * The art of storytelling * Imagination, Creativity and Narration * Story, Meaning and Application

10. Theology in song/music to Children: The role of music/song * Teaching Theology through music and song * Teaching children to worship

11. Tough Questions that children ask:  Questions about God* Questions about Prayer * Questions about Jesus * Questions about Church

12. Children, Technology and Contemporary Culture: The dawn of the Info-Culture * Children and the New Age toys * Children and Gaming* Children and Internet * Social Networking *

13. Children at Risk: Street Children * Child Labour * Girl Child Trafficking * Newer forms of slavery* Theological Response to RISK


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