India UnBound – Summary of the Introduction to the 15th Anniversary Edition



In his introduction to the 15th Anniversary edition of INDIA UNBOUND: FROM INDEPENDENCE TO THE GLOBAL INFORMATION AGE, Gurucharan Das points to the significance of Modi’s victory

A) Modi’s victory helped us attain dignity

B) Modi’s rhetoric during the campaign made people believe that anyone could aspire to middle class status and thus he has invited us to be more imaginative in thinking about the nature of human dignity

He appeals for a correction of our misguided notion about what constitutes a dignified life.

He writes, “If Indians won their political freedom in Aug 1947 and their economic independence in July 1991, they attained dignity in May 2014. This was the significance of Narendra Modi’s landslide victory”.

No political party has bothered to explain the difference between “pro-market” and “pro-business”.  This has led many to believe that the markets makes the rich richer and the poor poorer and leads to corruption and crony capitalism.  This is the REAL reason for the slow pace of reform. What we is glossed over is the fact that India experienced a golden decade of growth from 2002 to 2012. The GDP growth averaged over 8 percent a year and lifted millions out of poverty. In fact, this falsifies the Leftist view that markets would impoverish the working class.

Sadly,  the congress party concluded after its 2004 victory that India’s free market reforms were not helping the poor and instead changed its focus to spending on welfare. This strained the economy and lowered investor confidence. The hopes of millions of people were dashed.

We need to correct our misguided notion about what constitutes a dignified life. Gurucharan Das points that the typical voter who elected Modi in 2014 was NOT a Hindu Nationalist. Rather, they were young, middle of the road person who had migrated to a small town. Modi’s call for Vikas became a code word for opportunity.  Modi’s landslide victory invited us to be more imaginative in thinking about the nature of human dignity. Modi’s rhetoric during the campaign made people believe that anyone could aspire to middle class status. Gurcharan Das is more than hopeful. He contends, “ India has in Narendra Modi an outstanding salesman of ideas who could transform the master narrative of its political economy”.

Ours is the age of rising expectations in the East. The big story of the past fifteen years is the story of continuing rise of China and India based on the liberal economic idea of the market. The rise of a third of humanity is good news for the world. It proves that free trade and multiplying connections to global economy are pathways to lasting prosperity.


UP elections!

Interesting articles that appeared as Newspaper articles after the UP election results. A must read to understand that change that is taking place in the political landscape of India.

The Modi Effect- Chapter 4 Summary

Lance Price

Chapter 4 – Behind the Mask

In Chapter 4 ( Behind the Mask), Lance Price outlines how Narendra Modi used the 2012 Gujarat State Elections to push his bid for National power in 2014.

The first hint of his candidature was popped up in an unknown Facebook post in Oct 2010 under the heading “ Narendra Modi as Prime Minister? Why Not?”.  A good number of New Age volunteers had initally helped Modi with the push through social media.

By 2012, Modi gathered a special team. Team Modi used the 2012 state elections to push his bid for the PM. The Gujarat campaign themes were very much a dry run for 2014. The positive appeal was a mixture of development and Modi’s strong approach to leadership.

Price contends that the dramatic success of Modi to win the Gujarat State Elections was due to

  1. His willingness to embrace new ideas. For example, the Modi Mask
  2. The recognition that his own image was a crucial selling point and therefore, the Media campaign to craft his image.
  3. Team Modi, which consisted of professionals, helped produceTV, support Social Media Campaigns and even set up private companies to push the Modi’s image. Efforts were taken to improve the image of the State of Gujarat and along with it, the image of its chief minister.
  4. Fortunate sequence of events [ a) the appearance of his picture in the cover page of Time ( 2012) ; b) Tata Motors moving its Nano project to Gujarat; c) ASSOCHAM’s report that Gujarat’s emergence as the preferred investment destination; d) The visit of Sir. James Bevan to Gujarat in Oct 2012
  5. His use of high tech campaigning methods [ a) Launch of his own State wide Television Channel Namo Gujarat; b) Name – Youtube Channel; c) Facebook and Twitter accounts; d) Google + Hangout discussion; e) The use of hologram technology.

Modi won a decisive mandate in the State elections in 2012. From then on, it was much easier to project himself as the PM candidate.

Modi Effect – By Lance Price ( Book Summary)

Lance Price

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Behind the Mask:                                                                                                                  This chapter describes How Narendra Modi used the 2012 Gujarat State Elections to push his bid for National power in 2014? For a brief summary of chapter 4 Click here

Chapter 5: Big Mo                                                                                                                                               This describes how Modi had the much sought after ‘Big MO’ – the momentum to carry him forward and upward. For a brief summary of the chapter 5 Click Here

Be still

God, I have believed in the lie that I am on my own. I am so preoccupied with managing my life, my busy-ness, my fears for the future.

I let myself submerge in the noise around me – perhaps a relaxation response. Now, I have become so used to being tired, tensed and torn. I am consumed by it. And worse, I have become comfortably numb.
God, You call me to be still. Why?

You want me to be freed from my-self. You want me to break free from the drudgery of life.

You want me to enjoy bliss. How can I if my mind is clogged, my heart is crowded, my thinking is clouded and my life so confused.

God you call me to be still! It isn’t easy. I can’t be still till I know you are God – in control. Help me know your power to make and to remake, to rule and to over rule, to form and to transform. I stand helpless.

Help me see, feel and know you. I will know you God and be still. I will be still and know you are God.

He is there and He is my Father!

God! Make-believe myths in the media proclaim you are a clever man’s idea. That you are dead, buried and gone! But, I know you. 

You aren’t a clever man’s idea. You aren’t a figment of my imagination. You aren’t an emotional crutch! A measure of our pain. An imagined superhero in our flights of fancy. You are real. You are alive. You are my maker. Your love is real!

Father! So happy to be your child!