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Bread and Peace for all

This story is Konjam (little) modern and Konjam (little) traditional
It’s about two women – Naomi and Ruth – who lived on the other side of a
‘Shining’ India.
Vanga Vango (come come) and listen to this inspiring story.
Despite all the economic boom and 100 billion dollars in forex reserve life
remains a struggle for many.
Starvation, poverty and poor yield makes the struggle for survival for many very
As a way of escape, some people commit suicide
While others leave to the cities in search of ‘better’ life sorry… sorry… ‘
to be bitter’ life.
Naomi’s family was pushed to life’s edge
They migrated to Delhi.
Why Delhi?!!! It could be any city, even yours
Was it to make big money?
Nope! Just to find enough food – Konjam (little) happiness and to survive.

Life in the city was
Grab – grab -grab
Live – survive – die a nameless death
Life was’nt easy but nevertheless it kept them alive.
Jobs were difficult
To earn extra bucks, she got her two sons married to women from the same basti.
Ruth was 8 std pass, Orpah was 9 std fail
All of them worked hard
Work – Work – Work
Toil – Toil – Toil
Still, they didn’t find the money to eat masti Khanna (good food)
They had just roti – dhal, onions and chilli
Three times a day (if they were lucky)
What’s all this ‘India Shining’ business then?
We never read economics. We don’t understand economics
But the ads say, You never had a better time to shine better
Haven’t you heard, ‘All that glitters is not gold’
India shines – A Feel good factor just for those who choose to believe it
And a feel-fool factor for the rest of us.
For Naomi, Life dragged on until tragedy struck
First her husband – IYO Ada Kadavulae (O God)
Then her first son – IYO Ada Devuda (O God)
And then her second son – IYO enda Deivamae (O God)
All of them died one by one
IYOYO – What do we do?
Yeh Kya ho raha hai? (What’s happening?)
The consequent deaths in the family reduced them to abject poverty.
They were migrant workers
They were paid poorly
They were women – widows
Naomi and Ruth knew that they weren’t safe in this concrete jungle
Hey! You can’t blame them for their mistrust
Delhi is’nt a safe place, particularly for women
Haven’t you watched the NDTV news broadcast ‘ Crime in the city’?
Even a big lady working in a big office was raped the other day. The victim was
a Swiss national and so it made big news but it was hushed up. Women aren’t safe
in Delhi.
Howzz it in your City? I guess it’s the same unfortunate situation there too
IYOYO – What do we do?
Naomi said, ” I know what you can do. Go back to your family”
We can’t fight the system
We can’t find food
We can’t be safe
Orpah agreed. Ruth disagreed
Ruth said, ” Wherever you go our network follows”
Together we can fight poverty. Find bread. Find peace
Clear resolve and commitment to each other can help women fight the increasing
feminization of poverty
They grew closer to each other by the day
Ruth could smile at her mother-in-law
Naomi could smile at her daughter-in-law
A friend-in-need is a friend indeed
Naomi led. Ruth followed.
They went back to Naomi’s village

Life back home was a little different
The sher-ki-ladiki (City girl) Ruth easily found the difference
People were ready to share their lives
Whatever little they had
Give – Give – Give
Let live – let live – let live
There was a safety net
To help the poor – widows and allien
No one bothered about her foreign origins
Everyone accepted her as their bahu (daughter-in-law)
Ruth even joined a self-help group
A support group of women by women for women
Run to help fellow women-in-need
Common bonds of poverty, deprivation and discrimination and helplessness easily
help women to organize themselves together.
A friend-in-need is a friend-indeed
Ruth was surprised at considerate men.
They did’nt stare at her.
Exploit her unfortunate situation.
Demand sexual favors to feed her.
A friend in need is a friend indeed
A compassionate society and considerate men make a lot of difference
to the lot of poor women
Ruth asked, “Why are these men so so different?”
Naomi said, Have you met Boaz? He’s a role model
Not the kind who walks on the ramp
Or shows off his macho image
Not Spiritually blind
And definitely not with a dirty mind
Boaz is different.
He stands in solidarity with women
He was born against male chauvinism.
Ruth was surprised, ” This can’t be true”
Finally, Ruth met Boaz.
She exclaimed, ‘WOW! He’s really different’
Boaz helped Ruth re-build life.
They were no longer hungry
They were no longer lonely
They longer feared rape
There was bread – there was peace for all
Boaz came forward to marry Ruth (Shahbash)
Naomi affirmed Ruth’s womanhood, ‘ you are worth it’
Together they lived happily ever after
Together they worked in partnership
To ensure Bread – and peace for all


Back in Delhi, if not in your city
Live is
Grab – grab -grab
Live – survive – die a nameless death
We hear voices
We are poor – We are paid poorly
We are women
We are’nt safe in this concrete jungle
Bread – peace for all? Not till
Women join hands – women for women
Men join in solidarity – men in support of women
To build a compassionate society.
Bread and peace for all is still a dream
You may say we are dreamers
But we are not the only one
I hope someday you can join us
To ensure Bread and peace for all…


The Tale of two kings


Narrator: David was God’s kind of King
David: God does not look at outward appearance
Narrator: Saul was Man’s kind of king
Saul: (Action)
Narrator: David was a man after God’s own heart
David: As a deer longs for water so my soul longs after you
Narrator: Saul was a man after people’s praise
Saul: Why? Aren’t people praising me?
Narrator: David was kind and benevolent
David: (Action)
Narrator: Saul was cruel
Saul: I will kill David (Action)
Narrator: David was forgiving
David: We shouldn’t kill the Lord’s anointed
Narrator: Saul was unforgiving
Saul: That fellow… David must die
Narrator: David repented
David: I know my transgressions and my sin is always before me. Against you, you only have I sinned and done evil in your sight
Narrator: When confronted Saul lied
Saul: Did I….? No!
Narrator: David was courageous.
David: Let no man’s heart fail. I will go and fight the Philistine
Narrator: Saul was fearful
Saul: Sorry…. I can’t fight Goliath.
Narrator: David was at peace with God
David: (Action)
Narrator: Saul was separated from God.
Saul: (Action)
Narrator: David’s kingship was eternal
David: (Action)
Narrator: Saul’s kingship was rejected.
Saul: (Action)
(Adapted from Life Application Bible, Zondervan. This skit was written specifically to aid my sermon titled: Leadership lifestyle)