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First things First!

First things first



Meet StormWe have one life. It must be lived ‘fully’ and ‘meaningfully’. However, many find it confusing. It is no longer an adventure. It is not even a drab. It is just confusing.  The confusion blurs our vision of life. It discolors our dreams. It dampens our hope. It kills our aspiration. Why must life be confusing?

What did I miss?


Theology must help increase our passion, compassion and action. Theology must cease to be verbal gymnastics. A play of words that mean nothing to most people. Rather, it must be a reflection of faith. It must flow out of deep devotion to God. It must find creative expression so that it helps ordinary believers in their everyday faith.  You  could enroll at the seminary and study theology. But, reading books, writing assignments and passing exams is not everything. You could be A+ and still be hopeless. How do we get PASSION? How do we get COMPASSION? What would fire our ACTION? Well… all of this is caught not taught! You could be finishing this year and still be saying, ” I went to seminary and all I got was a degree”. Faith is made, it cannot be ready-made. You could be so near and yet so far. Being in the garage doesn’t make you a car. Does it?

RIOT! Meet the stars

riot girls


Riot boys

We want to make our own rules.  We like to follow our heart. We love to do our own thing. Yet, we fail to  listen to the counter perspective God brings to our lives.  It may sound Ridiculous, more often than not Insensitive and even Outrageous.  But, it is timely. Would we care to listen?