Experience as a source of Theology – Devotion


Theology should rightfully begin in the context of worship. Theology can never be the study of God. Can finite beings comprehend the infinite? God is God. Theology is the praise of God. Theology as praise begins as we stand in awe of God. Reverential fear is the beginning of all wisdom. Theology unfolds as we encounter God. It is (and must be) a reflection about our experiences of God. Theology is thinking thoughts about God – as we experience him in our everyday life through worship, prayer and bible reading.
No human is an island, We are persons-in-community. And therefore, our devotion to God must also have the corporate dimension. Worship, prayer and bible reading must be done in community. Theology is done in fellowship with the family of God(church). Corporate worship, Community prayer and collaborative reading of Scriptures are key to the theological enterprise. Theology is thinking thoughts about God – as the church experiences God through worship, prayer and Bible reading.
Devotion to God brings direct experiences with God. Devotion to God expressed individually and collectively must form, inform, re-form theology.


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