Read 2 Samuel 13

Conversations (Questions prepared by Samuel Thambusamy)

1) What is this passage about?

2) Who are the characters mentioned in this passage? What do we know about them?

3) He (Amnon) was stronger than she (Tamar) and he raped her (v14). Rape is the forceful violation of another person’s body. Why do you think Amnon raped Tamar? What are the contemporary stories of rape in your context/s? Why do you think rape happens? Who are the victims?

4) Absalom said: “Be quiet my sister…Don’t take this to your heart”(v20). David was furious when he heard about what happened to Tamar. Absalom never said a word to Amnon, either good or bad (v21) Why do you think they did not do anything about this? Do you think victims of rape get justice? Why do you think rapists escape punishment? How do we contribute to the perpetuation of injustice?

5) The gang rape in Delhi was a horrific tale. How did you feel when you heard about the incident? What do you think needs to be done in order to get justice for the girl? What do you think about the spontaneous protests across the Nation? How can the Church connect with the voices of protest? What can we as a group do to bring justice?

6) What is God telling you through this passage? What are you going to do in response to God’s Word?


One thought on “Ravaged

  1. I would say that a rape for pleasure would be non consensual sex confined to the bedroom or any private place.. and the delhi rape that is a rape of violence, a repressed hatred manifested in a public place….. when a bunch of similar small minded people violate and ravage a woman for they feel a weak vessel is supposed to be weak and not challenge male supriority.

    The response was very instinctive not well thought of. But then a crowd will rise up with no reason whatsoever. Christians as usual, seem to specialize on morality zipped up or joined the noisy crowd condemning the act. The loudest shriek would have been from the most perverted guy for suddenly he found the sin of lust that made him feel guilty and sick has a temporary reprieve because this act in Delhi was gruesome to the core.

    The focus has shifted from the victim to the criminal. It turned public attention from Modi’s third consecutive victory to a gory incident in the bus and managed to the stuffing out of ‘man of tomorrow’. I would suspect Rape (as always used) was used for political reasons.. and trust me it was used effectively.

    We the Christians must have the ball to come and say how we have constantly ravaged women in our hearts and deed. And that we are equally guilty and yet our God loves us for he places honesty and a sincere heart above sacrifice or purity. His thots are not our thots indeed

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