The Higher Calling

I was a cupbearer to the king – Nehemiah 1: 11


He was not a priest. Not a prophet. Just a layman in government service. But, he was in a position of influence. He was in a position of favour. God used him, his position and his proximity to the king to fulfill His plans and purposes. No one else was better suited for this task. Herein lies a challenge to all those who want to leave secular jobs and enter God’s service as a second career. May God help us see our jobs as a calling. You never know what God has in store for you.

Questions for further discussion

1) How can my (mundane) job be a calling? Do I know Why I got to be where I am today?
2) How can I use my position (of influence) to leverage an advantage for God’s kingdom?
3) How can I make my expertise available for God?


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