The Task

They told me, “The exile survivors who are left there in the province are in bad shape. Conditions are appalling. The wall of Jerusalem is still rubble; the city gates are still cinders.”

building brick wall
Broken walls. Burned gates. Is there a conviction that things ought to be different and perhaps better? God is concerned about the broken down walls and burned gates. We don’t have to give-in or give-up. The book of Nehemiah leaps into relevance. It gives us inspiration for rebuilding. Come! Let us rebuild. We can and we must.

Questions for discussion:

1) What are the things that are brought to your notice? How are you affected by these things?

2) How easy is it to turn the other way? What are things that make us give-in or give-up?

3) How do we translate our conviction to rebuild into concrete action?


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