Kids finding faith – Bible Study

Read 1 Samuel 3: 1 – 20

Conversations: (Questions prepared by Samuel Thambusamy)

1)What is this passage about?


2)Who are the characters mentioned in the passage? What do we know about them?


3)Hannah, Samuel’s mother was devout(I Samuel 1: 10 -11, 15 -16 ; ) and had depth of spiritual insight (2 Samuel 2: 1 – 11). She weaned Samuel (I Samuel 1:23) and later brought him to the temple. She dedicated him to the Lord’s service (I Samuel 1: 24, 27 – 28). She visited him during the annual sacrifice and brought him a new robe each year (I samuel 2:19). Do you agree that Hannah played a significant role in influencing Samuel to ‘minister before the lord’ (I Samuel 3:1)and grow in the presence of the Lord (I Samuel 2: 21b). What are the contemporary stories of mothers influencing faith in their children? In what ways can mothers influence their children to be sensitive to spiritual experiences?


4)Samuel’s spiritual development is contrasted with the moral degradation of Eli’s sons. Their failure as sons was due the Eli’s failure as a father. Would you agree with this? What do you think is the role of the father in the spiritual development of children?


5) The boy ministered before the Lord under Eli (I samuel 3:1). It was Eli who recognized that the Lord was calling samuel (I Samuel 3:8b) and guided the boy Samuel to respond to God ( I samuel 3:9).What do you think was Eli’s role in nurturing Samuel in the faith? What do you think is the role pastor/adults in the church can play in the spiritual development of children? Why do you think Eli was unable to nurture his own sons but able to help Samuel in his spirtual journey?


6)The Lord spoke to Samuel. Do you think Samuel (who was a boy) understood what God told him? Why? can children experience and understand their experience with God?


7)Do you agree that children have natural spirituality? Why? What qualifications would you put on this? Think of groups of children you have encountered. What evidence can you offer that children have a sensitivity or openess towards God? What are the factors in our church/community/family that work to damage or deaden this awareness of God?


8) Can you share some spiritual lesson you learnt from the children you journey with?


9) What is God telling us through the passage? What are you doing to do in response to God’s word through this passage?



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